I no longer have my Two-Factor device and/or backup code Print

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On occasion, you may no longer have the device upon which you configured two-factor authentication (eg. mobile phone or tablet) because it was lost, stolen or you've replaced it with a newer device. The backup code is provided for such situations:

  • Login once with the backup code. For instructions doing that, please refer to this article
  • Once logged in, navigate to the My Details > Change Security Settings page
  • Click the "Click here to disable" button
  • Enter your password to disable the two-factor authentication associated with your old device
  • Click the "Return to client area" button
  • You can now click the "Click here to enable" button to configure two-factor authentication on your new device

If you do not have access to your two-factor authentication device or the backup code, support can disable two-factor authentication:

  • Please create a support ticket with our Customer Service team.
  • A member of staff will work with you to confirm your identity
  • Once your identity is confirmed, we will disable two-factor authentication on your account so that you can login using just your email address and password

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